Using Bounty Hunter's Softphone

Using Bounty Hunter's Softphone

The softphone located at the top right corner in Bounty Hunter can be used for both inbound and outbound calling. 

This can be used anytime you need to manually dial out a number simply by clicking on the icon. 

A few things to note: 

  • When dialing out using the phone, you can't use any characters such as ( or - 


When you have entered in a number correctly to dial out the phone icon will turn green.

If you have incorrectly typed in the number adding invalid characters, please refresh your page before reentering it in correctly. 

  • You'll notice a call back number below your dial field that is there for convenience of remembering the number anyone can reach you through the software at when calling out

Our software also has the ability to receive inbound calling. 

When a call is coming through the software it will look like this in the top right corner:

Simply click on the green phone icon to pick up the call. 



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