Single Sign-On Registration

Single Sign-On Registration

Register for SSO

Begin by navigating to the Sign In button in the top right of the Help Center.

Alternatively, for convenience you can use any SSO enabled app like the Local Security Customer App or Bounty Hunter Integrator App to sign up. 

If your email account is with Google, Microsoft, or Apple, you can authenticate using those services.

If your email is outside of platforms, click the Sign Up button at the bottom of your login screen to manually set a username and password

Your page will refresh to now allow you to enter in your personal or work email and password or allow you to sign in with your social sign in credentials: 

Always use your work email to access Local Security services. Your access roles and profiles will be tied to your primary work email, and we do not allow generic domains like,, or for sensitive content access.

Configure Multi Factor Authentication

To securely log into our platform, you will need to configure an MFA authenticator app such as Authy, IT Glue, or Google Authenticator for MFA or alternatively you can use a Security Key. 

Scan the QR code with your favorite authenticator app (Authy, Google Auth), or click "Trouble Scanning?" to get your secret code to enter manually.

Enter your One Time Code from your authenticator app then click Continue

Verify Your Email

If you created an account manually with an email and password (instead of using Google, Apple or Microsoft) please verify the email sent to your inbox otherwise you will not yet be able to see your accounts until you do.

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