Share cameras between customers

Share cameras between customers

To allow users of one customer to view cameras of another customer you can configure sharing of the cameras between the two customers. Same customer can share their cameras to multiple other customers and receive shared cameras from multiple customers.

To initiate sharing of cameras the customer to whom cameras belong should share their unique code with the customer from whom the cameras need to be shared. This code can be found in the Share menu after Activate Sharing option is selected:

Next, the customer that wants to share their cameras has to register this code under their profile using the Activate sharing field:

This will complete the binding of two customers and now the customer that pasted the code and Activated the sharing will be able to share a camera with the customer from whom the code was copied.

Step 2: Share a camera

After sharing between the customers is configured either owner, admin with permission to share or the integrator can share an individual camera. Each camera has to be shared separately, so if multiple cameras need to be shared the process has to be repeated multiple times.

Navigate to the Share menu and from it click on the Share button, in the popup that will appear select "Camera" option:

Next, choose what camera you want to share from a dropdown menu and to what customer to share:

Step 3: Configure access to the camera

Now the customer with whom the camera was shared will see a new role in the Roles table, this role will have a special type: "Shared cameras". If multiple cameras were shared from the same customer they all will appear under this role.  If sharing is enabled from multiple customers then multiple "Shared cameras" roles will be available in the list.

Shared cameras role can be assigned to both Admins and Guards or even be the only role for the user.


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