Integrator Admin Overview

Integrator Admin Overview

Understanding Bounty Hunter through your Integrator Admin login.

Login to using your Integrator Admin credentials. 

In the top right corner you'll see a magnify icon that looks like this:

This is your universal search. You can search for an Account, a Site or a specific Camera

On the far left you have the following tabs on your side menu: Incidents, Video, Stats, Accounts and Reports. 

Let's dive into each section:

The INCIDENT LOG tab keeps a log of every closed incident. 

You can filter by: date, site, client, the primary disposition, status and also who the incident was assigned to.

Under this, you'll see your VIDEO tab that has both OPERATOR and ADMIN options to log into: 

Operator is your front facing credentials that you use to view your cameras (the same ones that you use for your local security app).

To create a new user with these permissions, visit: User Types and Roles

Your Admin login is your credentials. 

**This allows you to access both platforms from inside our Bounty Hunter software**

The DEVICE HEALTH will help ensure that you are able to see the health of your camera and where the gaps are in it's functionality:

Opening up this tab reveals beside the Camera ID and Name if the: VIDEO STREAM is online, there is ONVIF on the camera, if the ANALYTICS are configured, the MOTION is configured, if the event was TESTED and if there was an error in the SCENE CHANGE

Clicking on the: icon will bring you directly to the camera. 

The ACCOUNT gives you an overview of your customers and each of their sites. 

You can find a full overview here: Integrator Admin - Accounts Tab

Your CAMERA EVENTS tab under REPORTS are all of the acknowledged camera events.

This is a mass record logging the event type, it's level of disposition, which site and client it is associated with, which camera triggered the event as well any VMS notes logged.

At the top of the screen you can filter by site, camera, event type, disposition level, client or integrator as well as change the date range.






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