Integrator Admin - Accounts Tab

Integrator Admin - Accounts Tab

A full summarization of the Accounts Tab in your Bounty Hunter Platform as an Integrator Administrator.

The accounts tab is where you have access to your CLIENTS, their SITES and CAMERAS along with all the details inside them. 

Clicking on your client will bring you to their detailed information: Address, Client contact Email and Phone number, any Logo's or Uploaded Files if applicable and a list of all their Sites.

Clicking on the Site, will reveal the sites details.

Under the DETAILS tab, you'll see the following:

1. Any site

2. The site's monitoring hours and monitoring current status

3. The site's address

4. Below this you will see the SOP's configured by the customer. This is the ordered list of actions that the operator will take in the event of an incident escalation. 

5. To the right you will see any contacts including: site contacts, emergency contacts, email contacts and admin contacts and their information. 

6. Integrations below this show the configured Integrations for the action buttons inside an incident such as the contact for Police, Fire or Guard services.

You'll also notice a button in the top right of the details section. 

You can visit this page here: Integrator Admin - Site 360 to learn dive into it's functionality and details. 

In your CAMERAS tab, you'll see the list of cameras associated to that site in addition to the following information on each:

1. The Camera's Health Bar showing the online, ONVIF, analytics, motion and scene change status.

2. The Camera's information including: VMS Name, description, coordinates, and brand and model.

3. You can use the VIEW IN VMS tab in the top right to view this camera directly from your VMSadmin in the case any adjustments need to be made.

Your DOCUMENTS tab will contain any uploaded files such as site maps and monitoring agreements. You can view the document by clicking on the Eye Icon:



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