Creating a User-Operator and Super Operator

Creating a User-Operator and Super Operator

How to add operator users and a breakdown of what they can see.

When creating a new operator user, you have 2 categories to choose from and each will vary on permissions: operator and super operator

To create a new operator user you will want to log in with your admin credentials sent to you by your integrator. 

1. Navigate to the USERS tab that you will find under the settings tab from the left hand menu and click NEW USER from the top right hand side! 

Once inside, you will have the option to choose which type of user you want to create! 


Here is a breakdown of what each Grouping has permissions to see:

  Super Operator Operator
Incidents ✔️
Video ✔️ ✔️

device health only


camera events only


Here is a visual break down: 

Super operator:                                             Operator:                          


2. After clicking on New User, you will have the following fields to fill out:

  • Choose a username for your new user
  • Enter in their name
  • Enter their email (any password resets by this user will be sent to this address)
  • Choose if the user can utilize auto assign or not (this field is only available to super operators, reference this article here
  • Choose a temporary password for your user (they will be asked to change this the first time they are logging in)
  • Choose the group you would like your operator to be in based on the permissions explained above: operator or super operator  
  • Enter in the users phone number (this will be used to authenticate them at login)
  • You can choose which clients you would like your user to be able to Monitor by typing the name into this field (whichever are checked, are the only clients that your operator will be able to see logs and incidents from) 

3. Below this you will see the option to add the VMS Guard User ID:

This helps track which VMS/Camera Glue user is associated to this Bounty Hunter login. 

You can grab this guard User ID from the following portion of your VMS Admin: 

And paste it here before hitting save:

Once you have created your user, you finish your set up by creating User Alerts

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