Camera Health Check

Camera Health Check

How to enable and it's functionality.

The camera health check will help ensure that from the Bounty Hunter end you are able to see the health of your camera and where the gaps are in it's functionality. 

To enable the health check on a new camera that you are adding, after inputting it's information and before hitting save you will see a bar at the bottom of your screen to enable this function. 

If you have a camera already added but the health check has not been enabled, you can turn it by navigating to the camera in the account, editing it and you will be brought to this same option. 

Once the camera is saved, you will want to finish enabling it by clicking the health check button in the camera bar. 

The bar above the camera here will show the status of it's important functions needed to run smoothly on our platform. 

This icon will indicate if the camera is online. If offline, navigate to the VIEW IN VMS button to troubleshoot. 

This icon will show if ONVIF is enabled on your camera. Our platform relies on ONVIF compliancy for it's Analytics so this must be on. 

This icon will let you know if Analytics have been enabled and configured on your camera. Our operators are set up to filter for Analytics so this must be turned on. If it is not, click the VIEW IN VMS to configure your camera for Analytics. 

This icon will indicate if motion is configured on your camera. The analytics from our platform will require this to be turned on to function properly. If it is not, click the VIEW IN VMS to configure your camera for Motion Detection.  

The above icon will let you know if the camera has been successfully tested. This red exclamation mark indicates the test has not successfully been received. 

This icon will show you if the scene change detection has been enabled and configured. 



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